Treble cleff  

The interlaced heart and twist with 4 different layers at the central point is carved from cherry    

2 spoons carved from one block connected by the chain  with the horse shoe wedding spoon available alone 

Deluxe celtic interlace  

4 popular standard spoons in mahogany: miniature heart cluster , ring of hearts , 2 caged balls   and treble cleff 

celtic interlace, single ball, double bowl all take an inscription 

A continuous chain over a metre long. carved from one piece of wood featuring twists,chains, caged balls,  pivot joints, swivel joint, double chains and a lovers knot.           

Wedding spoon

White rose lovespoon takes inscription on heart carved from white sycamore or lime  

good luck/good fortune spoon with a 4 leaf clover designed to take inscriptions and found at my ebay shop  

dark heart cluster

Knife fork and spoon with a caged ball in knife all carved from one piece of wood  

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sycamore spoon with butterfly.