These are various one-off commissions made over the years.........many can be replicated upon request

Annubis carved from ebony with pequia eyes and a pequia tomb which opens to reveal a mummy.

Kangaroo carved from English walnut

Fire salamander carved from ebony with inlaid yellow pequia

field mouse on wheat carved from boxwood with ebony eyes

field mouse on wheat frontal view

Earl of Wharncliffe coronet commissioned by Sir James Kayser

art nouvea mirror in oak

"Endangered Species"

Inspired by Exon valdise oil tanker killing thousands of seals, this carving depicts seals watching man drown in his own pollution. Who really IS the endangered species?

Above are 2 weasels carved from pink ivory with ebony eyes and eating a walnut mouse

a male and female head joined by a chain carved from the one solid piece of wood

life sized meerkat in spalted  beech on a plinth of yew, with eyes from inlaid ebony   

Above are 2 examples of the graceful swallow carved life-sized. The left side is a swallow from pair with ebony eyes on a yew plinth. On the right the swallow is carved from wenge, ebony eyes and a rod attaching to an imbuia plinth 

Gurlew ,lifesized, carved in yew with inlaid ebony eyes

Kingfisher, lifesized. carved from purpleheart with ebony eyes and a fish from snakewood.

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