bowls, kitchenware and more

Bowls  kitchenware  and  more

Cheese knife with mouse handle from elm , oak or mahogany £12.00

mouse cheese knife with deluxe cheese board incorporating a sculpted undersde allowing easy lifting with one hand  £20.00

The standard baguette/ garlic bread board  £13.00

3  different bowls carved from elm burr

thistle door stops in hardwoods   £8.00

burr elm bowl side view apprx £40.00

dragon bowl carved from a solid piece of sycamore  £150.00

a horse bowl carved from ebonised mahogany      £125.00

2 fish and crab bowl ( pisces & cancer ) in sycamore    £140.00

mirrors as part of my natural burr collection all prices individual.

Black rose mirror  £25.00

cat with kittens mirror  £25.00

clock carved from monkey puzzle tree

3 leaf shape bowls carved from elm burr

The deluxe bagette board from oak with 2 carved wrens to eat the crumbs            £25.00

and even electric guitars !

from lead guitars to bass guitars

from 6 string with tremolo bridges to 12 string with multiple pickup variations.

and from carved right handed,  such as THE RATTLE & HUM to carved left handers such as THE RAVEN

The  Unexpected

I can make you any item from a crossbow to  an unusual ornate gate.