animals and myth


Animals and Myth

This section includes my combined first and second series of wild-life and mythical carvings all available for direct sale or to  TRADE buyers or via Ebay.

TRADE buyers should check the PRICES page for bulk pricing.

wrens in various quality hardwoods £9.00 and otter in various hardwoods £18.00

Teal in Scottish featured yew £15.00

Crab carved in boxwood


Grim Reaper/ Death, £45,00

puffin in yew or walnut


pine marten in walnut with smooth or rough fur finish


Fox carved from Yew


mole and hedgehog, each priced at  £14.00

Bottle nosed dolphin in various woods, shown in zebrano   £15.00

Apple carved from tulipwood, slug from walnut bite from inlaid sycamore and stalks from rosewood     £50.00

To the right is my favourite item: a mermaid pursueing a dolphin carved from the one piece of walnut about 16" long.  £220

Ebony slug  £10.00

Large deluxe coo in oak or cherry about 10" long


Standard coos with sycamore horns, in cherry or darker mahogany  £19.00

life sized deluxe wren carved from yew with inlaid ebony eyes and presented on rosewood and boxwood. £100.00

Large deluxe salmon in various suitable woods such as lacewood, burr elm oak.......all , about 16 inches long   £50.00

standard size salmon appx 7 inches long, here pictured in zebrano at front and bubinga in background  £19.00

Armadillo in walnut  £45.00

" Next time you get the fish supper " hedgehogs on road


Red aquirrel in yew  £25.00

To the left is a unicorn in rare rippled sycamore and on the right are 2 examples of  Pegasus   £149.00 each

VERY POPULAR: cats and mice , as shown or made to order

from cheeky mice climbing into your glass........... peeping, creeping toms in different woods shown here in yew and zebrano  £18.00

Barn  Owl in Yew with ebony eyes and Little Owl in Irroko with eyes made from yellow Pequia and ebony

The  wise old owl

carved as a caricature from spalted beech with inlaid eyes of pequia ans ebony on a laburnum stump.The wire glasses optional  extra      £120.00

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